Openhause Fashion Art Toronto Spring / Summer 2022

3ndolith had the pleasure of being part of this year's Fashion Art Toronto Openhause Spring / Summer 2022.

Fashion Art toronto is the longest running fashion week in T.O. ( This year's spring/summer 2022 took place in person On May 6th, 7th and 8th. 

It all started with an email invitation from Astrid Sedgvvick on January 10th to apply for this year's fashion week. After a team discussion we decided why not? Let's do this! If we believe in ourselves, our brand and message; our application will make an impression and be accepted.

We filled out the application form, prepared all the required materials from images of previous collections to an image / mood board for the new collection and submitted it on January 23rd. An email confirmed that our application was received and that FAT's juries were reviewing it. On January 31st we received a most exciting email informing us that our application was accepted! and that we would be featured as part of 2022 Fashion Week edition.

Follow our blog posts for what came next and the runway show.